12 Comments on “Home

  1. Wow very nice boat. So your off. I heard that you were going to do this and got off to a late start. What a great adventure! Iā€™m hoping for all the best and I will check in from time to time. Enjoy, Gail


  2. I look forward to going along for the ride with you (via the web) in 2018!

    Bon voyage!



  3. This is great !! Have fun on your adventure all our love šŸ’•
    Chad , Shelly, and family


  4. Hi Tracy,Nick and Frankie: Seems so funny to see snow on a boat in NC šŸ™‚ Hope you are having wonderful travels and this crazy weather isn’t a problem.


  5. Looking forward to reading and seeing the great adventures of Tracy, Nick and Frankie the Stash! Love you and miss you! Hugs Linda and Harland XO


  6. It was nice meeting you today. Enjoy the Big Chute tomorrow Nick Shawna Addison and Victoria. Ps thank you for the fishing and dog sitting šŸ™‚


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