May 31st     A note to you…Kailani followers!

IMG_20170611_202238564We have not, I repeat not, headed out yet.  Believe it or not.  Really!!!

Our beloved Kailani is still in dry dock and under repair, fitting and cleaning.  We are bummed but then again, we are retired so I have no idea why we are so anxious to go.  The lure of adventure I suppose.  All that being said, we are still in plenty of time to complete “The Great Loop.”

The floor had to be taken up, to allow access to the twin 375 hp Caterpillar engines, which had to be lifted out one side at a time by crane, to allow new fuel tanks to be put in, which had to come before the mufflers we had ordered could be set in place etc. etc. etc.  Also, to be installed are the new helm enclosure(s) so we can see where we are going once we go!

Now we are in a waiting mode again for the final cleanup and refueling before She can go for a “sea trial” to be sure they put everything back together correctly.

We would just like her back in the water so we can start loading her up with the necessities of the trip. Our house is strewn with crates, boxes and bags; all waiting to go back to the Kailani or be brought aboard as a new addition.

I am attaching a few pictures to show the chaos in our living room!  Wish us luck!  -tc

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