June, 2017- Postponement

dissapointed facesnapethis-is-my-disappointed-face

Kailani is still suffering from repair delays and setbacks for numerous reasons and we have made the decision to postpone a continuous journey for this year.  We have simply missed the seasonal opportunity to make a complete loop without rushing this year and we don’t want to plan a high speed, non-stop cruise.  That agenda will simply take us down a dangerous path with no enjoyment or time to visit the beautiful scenery along the way.  So, we will cruise the New England waters, perhaps get onto the Hudson River and Erie Canal segments and then go full till next year on the loop.

We’re docked at our home port of Chester Marina IMG_20170731_151055865and planning some trips designed to allow us more familiarity with Kailani’s systems and to spend more time with friends.

In addition to the new fuel tanks and new mufflers, this postponement will give us the opportunity to repair some additional on-board systems, like the forward head, raw water anchor wash down, freshwater pumping system, etc.

With this delay, we are now able to attend the 2017 Marine Trawler Owner’s Association Northeast Rendezvous at Mystic Seaport in July, so we have made reservations to attend.













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