July 19- 20, 2017 – Duck Island Anchorage

65CED9B1-3406-4A0E-96AD-FFFCC184F586Duck Island is an island off the coast of Westbrook, CT that has breakwater walls running east-west and north-south, so tucking in behind those breakwater walls offers a nice quiet overnight anchorage.  So off we went on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 headed down the Connecticut River then turning to starboard towards Westbrook, CT.  A nice 2 plus hour cruise and we were securely anchored just north (shoreward) of Duck Island in 15 feet of water at high tide.  Since it was calm and we did not expect any major changes in tide, winds or waves, we set the anchor rode for 75 feet or 5:1 including tides.  As we were letting out the chain with Tracy on the bow directing the anchor, we both missed the blue paint signifying 75 feet, so we ended up with 100 feet of chain out for the evening, more than enough.  With our Ultra Anchor firmly set into the ocean floor, we started to relax and enjoy the serenity of the anchorage.  There were a few boats rafted together in the shallower water closer to the island, but effectively no other boats nearby.  With the sun beating into the Sundeck and complete privacy, I decided to work on my tan lines! Meaning Nick had gone “Au Naturalist” -tc   Whilst sitting in a deck chair and enjoying the rays while Tracy tried the new fishing spot, we suddenly heard familiar voices from a silent sailboat approaching.  Now we know exactly ONE boating couple in the Westbrook area, and who do you imagine was piloting the approaching sailboat?  For sure, it was them!  They spotted the AGLCA burgee and hollered out “Hey it’s Loopers, we’ve done it twice!” whereupon they pulled right up to our vessel and we recognized them.  From MY point of view I only saw a figure diving below deck with his bare butt flashing in the sun.  He looked as if he was diving into a fox hole.  At the risk of being crass we now privately refer to the island as “Dick” instead of “Duck” Island.  Toooo funny!  – tc

I came back on deck with my flesh colored shorts on, so maybe I got away with it (until now).  Anyway, they were coming our for the weekly sailing regatta and there ended up being about 25-30 sailing vessels out sailing just south of the breakwater for about 2 hours.  It was a nice sight to see.

Our night was very peaceful and bugs were not a big issue.   I set the coffee pot in the evening, but did not turn to auto brew, since we like to start the generator prior to the coffee pot for the house battery’s sake.  So I broke the morning silence with the generator and started the coffee pot.  Two drips into the brew, the circuit shut off and we were clueless as to what was going on.  The control panel said that there was no AC coming into the inverter, so something was clearly amiss.  We checked the panel, all the switches, all the circuits, etc. for about 45 minutes until we couldn’t find an answer, so I had to rely on calling old dependable, Captain Geoff Gow who was sailing in Virginia with customers.  As soon as I explained the symptoms, Geoff said, “did you check the circuit breaker ON the generator?”  Who knew there was a breaker there?  I flipped the breaker on and 10 minutes later we were sipping our hot morning coffee.  Thanks Captain Geoff!

The morning was totally laid back as we planned to return to Chester Marina catching high tide.  This gave Tracy time to fish some more, however, truth be told, we would have been fishing even if we missed the high tide in our inlet.  Tracy just doesn’t miss an opportunity to get her lines wet.

Our return up the Connecticut River was a typical run and when we got back to our dock, there were six friends on the dock to help us tie up.  Nice to have that help, even mid-week (this was Thursday).  We were back in plenty of daylight to wash off the salt water from Kailani and relax.

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