July 22, 2017 – Fenwick Fishing

IMG_20170731_151055865Our good friends Mike and SueAnn Uccello are RV-ers and made arrangements to spend the weekend at Wolf’s Den Campground, about 5 miles from Chester Marina in East Haddam, CT.  The arrangements were that they would come down to Kailani for the daytime hours and we would go to their campsite for dinner and a campfire afterwards.  They boarded at 10 am as planned and we gave them the safety protocols for Kailani and shoved off for a nice Saturday cruise down the Connecticut River for an anchorage off Fenwick Beach (site of Katherine Hepburn’s cottage).

As a cruising couple, Tracy and I have developed communication that includes the necessary confirmations and thank-you’s for information relayed from lookouts, etc.  It’s just our acknowledgement system which I’m sure is widely used among cruising couples and teams, etc.  Thank-you-post-it_Xoombi.jpgHowever, Mike and Sue-Ann were not quite ready for this and after a while, Sue-Ann asked if this all this politeness was just what happens when both spouses retire??  Funny, but we couldn’t take false credit for being nice to each other, we explained the protocol as it had evolved for us while underway.

90 minutes after leaving the dock, we were safely anchored off Fenwick Beach and the food and fishing poles quickly came out.  Mike had brought his tackle, but he’s admittedly a fresh water fisherman, so his attempt to best Tracy in the fishing derby fell woefully short.  Sea robinTracy soon was reeling in a nice Sea Robin that is a somewhat unique looking fish.  Its reddish body is adorned with flared wings for propulsion.  The Sea Robin is a bottom feeder and Tracy caught hers with squid set up on the bottom.  What can I say, fishing derby over!!!

A pleasant return to home port and once again, we had numerous friends helping us tie up Kailani.

Mike and Sue-Ann returned to their campsite while we set Kailani secure to our dock, showered up and drove over to their campsite for home-made macaroni sauce and a nice dinner followed with a campfire with dessert and coffee.  All and all, it was a great day with friends.

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