August 13-14, 2017 – Duck Island Anchorage, CT

Duck Island 2It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon so Tracy and I decide to go out for a few days with Kailani.  We need to see how Frankie will respond to overnight anchoring.  So we leave the dock and head down the Connecticut River towards Long Island Sound and decide on returning to Duck Island anchorage for the evening.  It’s a smooth run to Westbrook and as we pull in behind the breakwater walls there are about seven sailboats and two trawlers already anchored.  All are mostly off to the east of the area, so we find a nice spot in 11 feet of water (1 hour from low tide) on the west side and are in a spot almost all to ourselves.  The tide will come down another six inches or so, so we don’t have to worry about grounding, and it will rise about three feet, so we’ll add that into our calculations for 7:1 overnight rode.  We put out 100 feet of anchor rode and the evening is very stable as Tracy’s anchor alarm never goes off.

As soon as Kailani is secured, we drop the dinghy and are now prepared in case Frankie needs to use the facilities. Master of his ship I head out on the dinghy to scout out the island as we don’t want to be caught by surprise when Frankie does eventually need to go.  Tracy has also created a litter box type of arrangement with hopes that Frankie will get accustomed to that when underway.

Also, we’re on the water, we have worms and squid, so obviously, Tracy will start fishing while I take my dinghy ride to the island.  Upon returning, the sun is starting to set and the view of Kailani from the water is spectacular, so I take a few shots of her at anchorage.  Once back on board, Tracy is already shooting some photos of the same thing, just from on board rather than from the water.  Both vistas are picturesque and the shots come out real nice.  The setting sun coupled with the quiet of the anchorage make for a peaceful Sunday evening aboard Kailani.  This is tough to take!I love this picture

Monday morning comes with a beautiful sunrise and we see that some additional sailing vessels have come into the anchorage and some of yesterday’s vessels have already left the area.  After coffee and a very continental breakfast, we get in the dinghy and take Frankie over to the island for his morning business.  Duck Island is a protected bird sanctuary and therefore, going onto the island is supposed to be forbidden.  We avoided the birds- tc

Great Egret Babies

This morning it’s low tide again so we stay on the shore in the sand of the receding tide.  It seemed to be good enough for Frankie because now he’s good for the day.  Once Frankie and I are back in the dinghy and we’ve pushed away from shore, Tracy baits her hook and fishing is the next item on the agenda.

We eventually return to Kailani and I drop off Tracy and Frankie so I can go into Westbrook inlet to check out a restaurant that Tyler had told us about.  If you motor up the inlet past Brewer’s Pilots Point and under Route 1, there’s an establishment called Bill’s Restaurant that you can pull right up to with your dinghy, tie it up and sit down for a nice meal.  I wanted to check it out and also see if we could bring Frankie to the outside seating area.  Since the entire inlet is a no wake zone, it takes me a good hour to get to Bills and back to find out that they allow service dogs only.  Oh well, guess Bill’s Restaurant will have to be another time.

Once back on Kailani, we decide to try a mooring for the first time and Brewer Dauntless in Essex has about 50 mooring balls, so I log onto Dockwa and make a reservation for a mooring ball at Brewer Dauntless for Monday night.  Then we raise the anchor and head back to the Connecticut River.  Tracy motors us back to the breakwater, then I take over for the river portion of the trip up to Essex.  All the time we’re motoring, we’re still waiting for a confirmation number from Dockwa for our reservation, but right up until the time we get to the Essex Shoal, Brewer Dauntless and Dockwa have not responded to us for the reservation.  Also, we’ve noticed that the house batteries are not charging off the engine alternators when we’re underway, so basically, the batteries are running the house whenever we’re underway without charging.  So without a reservation, and without full batteries, we decide to just keep heading north and return to our home port.

When we’re just entering the Chester Inlet, Tracy says she wants to dock her, so she takes over and brings Kailani back to our dock.  However, since this is  Monday afternoon, we don’t get to enjoy the luxury of people waiting at the dock to throw us our lines.  In spite of that, Tracy docks Kailani and I get the docklines secured using a boathook.

Portable dogAfter a full body wash and all utilities hooked up, we decide that all in all it’s been a nice first trip with Frankie while at anchorage and he will definitely be a manageable addition to the Kailani crew.


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