September 20 – 28, 2017 – Hurricane Irma

I wanted to insert more disappointed face pictures here but it was getting to, well, disappointing!   -tc) 

We’ve been trying to put together a long cruise for a shake-down of sorts prior to heading south for the winter.  So after looking at desired locations and possible destinations for an itinerary that made sense, we decided on cruising to Provincetown, Cape Cod.  We set up the following legs of the voyage:

Sept. 20th: cruise to Point Judith and anchor out

Sept. 21st: cruise to Buzzards Bay and anchor out

Sept. 22nd: cruise to Provincetown and Provincetown Marina

Sept. 23rd: explore Provincetown

Sept 24th: cruise to Cape Cod Canal and anchor out

Sept. 25th: cruise to Watch Hill and anchor out

Sept. 26th: cruise to New London and Burr’s Marina

Sept. 27th: explore New London, Groton

Sept. 28th: cruise to Chester Marina

This plan would give us two nice destinations for exploring and a good number of anchorages for trialing the battery systems.  We confirmed our reservations with Provincetown Marina and Burrs Marina a week prior to our scheduled departure and anxiously waited for the 20th to arrive.

On the weekend prior to the 20th (Sept. 16th & 17th) we started to get alerts that Hurricane Irma was headed our way with a scheduled arrival of the 20th or the 23rd.  As we all know, predicting a hurricane’s path and timing are the farthest from a science in all of meteorology.  So we decided to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  What we actually got wasn’t the absolute best, but it was sure close.  In Chester, we ended up dealing with a day of rain and four days of moderately strong winds (25-40 mph).  We watched the weather on Tuesday into Wednesday thinking that even if we left on Thursday instead of Wednesday, we could maybe make up some time with higher rpm’s.  Thursday brought more of the same stronger winds and even the Connecticut River was whitecaps and numerous floating logs causing navigation hazards.      (Ct flooding information   -tc)

So finally on Thursday, we called Provincetown Marina and called off the weekend reservations.  The Dockmaster told me on the phone that it was a good choice to postpone as he was looking at 3 inches of rain per hour, 40 mph winds and 15 to 18 foot seas!  Staying put gave us a chance to do some work on the boat, so we finished up the install of the new transom shower and some other smaller items.  The other plus was that by not departing, we were available on Saturday for Nick, Dede and the girls to visit for a day cruise!  Silver lined clouds do exist.


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