Oct. 5- Nov. 5, 2017 – Preparations for Departure

The remainder of the month we use to make our final preparations for our departure south to find sun and warmth.   October turns out to be the warmest October on record for Connecticut but we know that soon the cold air will come in and fall will turn to winter. So we must take advantage of the warm weather and get ourselves and Kailani ready for the trip south. We set up some dinner/get-togethers with family and friends that we won’t see for a while. Some of them may come spend time with us in warmer weather, but seeing them this one more time is special nevertheless.

The other items that I want to complete before shoving off are focused on the engines and generator. We will change the oils and oil filters, fuel filters and engine zincs. We also want to have Kailani hauled out so we can inspect the status of the bottom paint and replace the rudder and shaft zincs while she’s out of the water. For Tyler and Chester Marina, this time of year is the busiest as they must get approximately 80 vessels out of the water, winterized and shrink wrapped, so taking the time to haul out Kailani for us becomes a waiting game as we watch the available days coupled with the workload of the shipyard. The entire month ends up passing us by before we can get Kailani hauled out and on Sunday and Monday, October 29th & 30th, we have near hurricane conditions with heavy rains, damaging winds and power outages. The marina loses power around 6pm on Sunday, Oct 29th and it is restored at 7 pm Monday, Oct 30th. Ordinarily this is a non-issue for us because we have our generator and house batteries to run all essential systems, but the river rises past flood stage and our entire marina becomes a big lake. Chester Marina floodMonday, the water rises and never recedes with low tide, so Kailani becomes an island in the marina. The flood waters start rising and flowing with the tides on Tuesday, but both the high and low tides are three feet higher than normal, so the haul out schedule takes a back seat to Mother Nature for a while. Roasted Relay PanelThis works out for us because on Monday, our raw water circulating pump for the HVAC system burns out with smoke in the bilge and roasted wires below the Galley hatch.

Matt Snyder of Quox Corporation comes out first thing Tuesday morning and replaces the pump that we had just installed in July! We really appreciate Matt coming out to help us so quickly and it looks like Tyler will haul us out on Wednesday and we can get back to planning a departure for Thursday, November 2nd. This will be okay because wrapped into our departure plan is a stop at Great Kills Yacht Club for the upcoming weekend where our good friends Linda and Harland will meet us and wicked.jpgwe have tickets for ‘Wicked’ on Broadway for the Sunday matinee on November 5th. As long as we can get out of Chester on Thursday, we’ll still have time to make our date with Linda and Harland. So Tyler confirms that he will haul us out first thing Wednesday morning and our plan is still good.

Wednesday we drive Kailani to the haul out well while Tyler and Jesse hook up the straps to lift Kailani out of the water. Kailani is the largest vessel Tyler has ever lifted at 14’-11” beam, so we proceed very carefully, but with Tyler’s expertise the haul out goes smoothly as does the work. After Jesse power washes the hull, Tyler and I do a walk around of the hull and all the bottom paint looks great (after a year and a half), so we move to the zincs and we get the old ones off easily, but upon further inspection of Tyler’s stock of zincs, neither he or I like the style he has because there’s only one bolt per side and the bolts just work their threads into the zincs. Haulout for Bottom CheckI prefer the design where there are two bolts per side and they thread into an embedded nut for positive connection. So I take off to get the proper style shaft zincs while Tyler installs the rudder zincs. Once I return with the proper zincs, we complete the job and land Kailani back in the water. Now Tracy and I have the rest of today, Wednesday to complete our final preparations for our Thursday morning departure. We park our car and leave keys with Tyler and he will hold the keys until our son, Nick comes down and picks up our vehicle and drives it back home for the winter. The rest of the afternoon is spent checking our food and beverage inventory, and confirming our written plan for travel. We have made arrangements with Oyster Bay Marina for our first night’s stop, then City Island for the second night, then a short 35 mile trip from City Island to Staten Island thru Hell Gate and lower Manhattan for our third and final stop for our rendezvous with Linda and Harland. Three travel days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and theater on Sunday. Winds, seas, and weather all look good for this three day run. So we turn in early with hopes of finally starting our southbound trip Thursday morning, November 2nd, 2017.

I wake up with high anticipation for an extremely pleasant and successful trip to New York City. Everything proceeds normally as I make coffee and bagels for breakfast, re-check the weather to make sure there are no big changes, re-rig the dock lines for departure, and move into the engine room for the pre-cruise engine checks. I check oil levels and coolant levels, which are both good then I get ready for starting the engines so I can check the transmission fluids. Once the engines are started and I drop back down into the engine room, I see a gray cloud of smoke forward of the port engine! I immediately ask for Tracy to shutdown the engines and I start chasing the smoke. The trail leads right back to the Galley Bilge where our brand new two-day-old raw water pump is burning up again! A/C Circulating PumpI’m getting real tired of this. So our departure is officially delayed and Matt Snyder must visit us again. He comes Thursday afternoon and this time he replaces the relay board that allows each of the three onboard compressors to relay a signal to the pump to start or stop circulating water to the units.   The relay board works flawlessly, so first thing Friday, he will replace the burnt pump and we should be good to go. Our only issue now is that obviously, we now do not have enough time to get to Staten Island safely, so we must come up with plan B for Broadway!

Friday comes and as scheduled, Matt shows up with the replacement pump (our third new one in three months!!), installs it and our HAVC system is back up and running properly. In the meantime, we reach out to Linda and Harland and the decision is made to meet on Kailani Sunday morning in Chester, CT, then take the train into New York City for the show.wicked 2 Sunday turns out to be a long day, but we get to spend a whole day with our great friends riding the train, eating and enjoying the show, and now our departure is set for Tuesday, November 7th, 2017.


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