Nov. 14, 2017 – Lets Try This Again

It’s now exactly one week since we started moving south and we’re only one day from our homeport!  (We are definitely the tortoise and not the hare.  -tc)  At this rate, by the time we make it south, it’ll be warm again up here in the north. But today is a good day to sail, so we get up and prepare Kailani for leaving the docks of Milford Landing and heading to our planned destination at City Island, New York. Marine forecast says winds, seas and visibility are acceptable but before leaving we need to stop in to see Ray at the marina office and thank him for his total hospitality during our stay. As we’re walking back down the ramp to slip #15, it starts to drizzle and visibility is reduced a bit, so we turn on the navigation lights and at 9:20 am we shove off. Once we’re back into the Sound and we turn west around Charles Island, the visibility is about 2 plus miles until it clears in Norwalk and the seas are a bit choppier than forecasted, but we move on. Cold Day on Long Island SoundToday offers zero greenhouse benefits on the bridge and Tracy has difficulty keeping herself and Frankie warm.

Boat traffic is a few fishing vessels and some commercial barges which all are 2-3 miles away from our path, until we turn the bend after Hempstead Bay where we meet two oncoming Bouchard barges. Both passes are non-eventful and shortly after, we’re rounding the southern tip of Hart Island and headed into Minneford Marina for the night. Again, the marina has power, but no water and choice of slip is completely ours. We dock at 2:20 pm exactly 5 hours from departure and we’ve added 42 more nautical miles onto our trip. We dock on an outside finger within the main entry canal of the marina and there’s a dockhand painting steel pylons right next to us that helps us tie up. He’s on a six foot step ladder and repainting about eight vertical feet on each pylon. It’s low tide and in the morning, we’ll find out that all the new paint is underwater as they have a nine foot tide here! Thank you to whoever invented floating docks.

By the way, once we’re hooked up with shore power, our new inverter/charger is working completely as designed, loads are as expected and we’ve now gone a few days without smoke. (Everyone sing halleluiah!  -tc)

In the evening, we check the marine forecast(s) and decide that tomorrow will be another good day for travel to our next destination, Great Kills Yacht Club in Staten Island.


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