Nov. 24, 2017 – Cape May, New Jersey

 This morning is a crystal clear morning with no winds here at the dock at Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. We’re looking forward to 39 more nautical miles to get off the North Atlantic Ocean for this trip. I mentioned to Tracy that this is our southbound version of the Gulf Crossing for Loopers. We get to break up the trip into two days and therefore, wait out bad weather if necessary, whereas the gulf crossing is typically a ten hour or more ordeal that must be completed in one shot. Many people start their crossing at 2 am so they are arriving at the other side in the afternoon and before a second bout of darkness. We are doing ours in all good weather daylight hours, but still, it feels the same due to the weather watching we had to put in to make this jump. So arriving in Cape May later this afternoon will be a welcome feeling of accomplishment for us. The seas are forecast to cooperate with winds of 5-6 knots and waves of 2-3 feet with 9 second periods.

fixing linesToday, I do the dock lines, while Tracy takes us off the dock and out of Absecon Bay into the ocean for the turn southward to Cape May. Prior to leaving, we decided that we had enough fuel to run at 8-9 knots for the whole trip. This five hour run should burn about sixteen gallons of fuel and we have one hundred and twenty gallons in the primary tanks. So our plan is to fuel up at today’s destination, Utsch’s Marina where we have a reservation.

After a short while, Tracy turns the helm over to me and we’re basically planning to run a course of 240 degrees compass for about thirty nautical miles then, turn into the Cape May Inlet. Today’s run is boring, there’s no whales or dolphins, so we start talking about looking for something to pass the time on these types of commutes. We come up with audio books played thru a smartphone. Tracy starts looking for choices and we decide to start with The Legend of Tarzan. Tarzan bookcoverI’ve read the book, but Tracy has not, so I know it will be a good listen. This helps pass the time and keep us together on the bridge, so today’s trip is very pleasant.

When we reach the Cape May Inlet, we call Ustch’s Marina and they give us all the information necessary to safely navigate into their marina and where we will be docking, then send two guys to meet us on the dock to help us tie up for the night. They put us right at the fuel dock so in the morning, we’ll be able to fuel up right before leaving. When I get the power cords for hooking up the 50 amp service, I see that our 50 amp splitter is gone from the end of the two 30 amp cords! Neither of us can find it, and finally, we decide that it either fell in the water at Atlantic City, or we left it on the dock. Neither of these scenarios are at all believable, but nevertheless, we do not have our splitter on board, so it’s definitely somewhere else but here. So instead of hooking our two 30 amp cords into a 50 amp circuit, we hook up each of the 30 amp cords to a respective 30 amp circuit and power up the electrical circuits aboard. This marina is also the first since we left Chester Marina that still has its water service on, so we’ll hook up to the city water for now and also replenish our water tank in the morning.

IMG_20171124_190924There are lots of fishing vessels here and at other local marinas and we realize that fishing season is still in full swing around here and it’s probably one of the reasons that full services are still available in this area. Fishing business dictates the market here. In fact we overhear one boat crew prepping to head out at midnight and stay out for 18 hours! That’s a fishing trip.

Tracy can’t resist doing some shopping in the Marina Bait and Tackle shop while I get the boat all heated up inside and cleaned up from today’s trip. Patriotic tvWhile in the tackle shop, she remembers that we still need more dog food for Frankie, so she gets directions to a local WaWa Store and we take a nice stroll to get Frankie’s food. He could use the walk as he’s been mostly confined to the boat for the last couple of days. We get back to the boat around 5 pm so we rest, relax, start prepping for dinner and a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s trip to Greenwich Boat Works on the Cohansey River off the north side of the Delaware River.

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