Month: December 2017

Dec 12, 2017 – Kailani’s Christmas Vacation Home

Tuesday starts early since we want to re-verify the weather conditions and make sure it’s safe to travel today, and if we do go, we want to be on the water by 8 am to give ourselves the most time before the potential small… Continue Reading “Dec 12, 2017 – Kailani’s Christmas Vacation Home”

Dec 11, 2017 – Where in the hell is the Alligator?

This morning is cold at Coinjock, but spectacular for cruising. After some coffee and a quick re-check of the weather, it’s time to prepare Kailani for departure. That means re-positioning the dock lines so we can release from the dock single handedly. I go… Continue Reading “Dec 11, 2017 – Where in the hell is the Alligator?”

Dec 8-10, 2017 – WhereinthehellisCoinjock?

December 8th and we start the day at dock in Atlantic Yacht Basin and our destination today is Coinjock Marina in Coinjock, North Carolina. North Carolina will be our final state for the pre-Christmas cruising slate. We’ve decided to dock Kailani at Belhaven Marina… Continue Reading “Dec 8-10, 2017 – WhereinthehellisCoinjock?”

Dec 7, 2017 – The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

Today is a cruise day with a goal of only 24 nautical miles. So we’re not pressured to make weigh early this morning, but we should prepare to shove off by 11 am at the latest. So after a few cups of coffee, I… Continue Reading “Dec 7, 2017 – The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway”

Dec 3-7, 2017 – Hampton Public Piers-NASA/Langley

Preparation for departure this morning includes filling some water in our fresh water holding tank, so I disconnect the city water connection and fill about 50 gallons into the tank. Also, I want to go up to the office, drop off the magnetic keys… Continue Reading “Dec 3-7, 2017 – Hampton Public Piers-NASA/Langley”

Dec 2, 2017 – Chesapeake Boat Basin

There’s no picturesque sunrise this morning because we’re fogged in! I get up and wait for 7:00 am to see if the sunrise will burn off the fog, but no dice. Doug Smith is coming on board first thing this morning to get a… Continue Reading “Dec 2, 2017 – Chesapeake Boat Basin”