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PropTalk Harbor Host

PropTalk Feb2018

We’ve been chilling (in  more ways than one) at Belhaven Marina in North Carolina.  It’s an amazing small town, population just over 1,000.  Not much to do but there are several amazing restaurants which, to the dismay of our waistlines, serve delicious food.

The marina is quiet and we pretty much have the run of the place.  Frankie is thrilled!

Attaching some pictures to show the local beauty.  More to follow soon as we plan to get moving again in a few days, weather permitting.

IMG_20180118_090823477_HDRIMG_20180118_090644048_HDR           IMG_20180118_085737899_HDR

Every Bird for itself!

One Comment on “We made the news!

  1. Nick/Tracy writing and published travel articles wow TV gig next on the Travel channel?


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