Month: March 2018

March 28, 2018 – Isle of Palms

I start my day at 5 am with coffee and early morning preparations for a scheduled 7 am departure. Just before getting out of bed I hear a boat motor, so I look out my window and see a fishing boat leaving Jeremy Creek… Continue Reading “March 28, 2018 – Isle of Palms”

March 27, 2018 – McClellanville

Leland Marina in McClellanville on Jeremy Creek is our destination for today. Jeremy Creek is at Mile Marker 430 on the ICW and there’s bad shoaling from 430 to 435 on the ICW so it’s imperative to hit this area at high or rising… Continue Reading “March 27, 2018 – McClellanville”

March 24, 2018 – Georgetown

We make a plan to leave today and cruise a leisurely twenty-one miles down the Waccamaw River to Georgetown where we have a reservation at Harborwalk Marina in downtown. Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina and is the county seat for… Continue Reading “March 24, 2018 – Georgetown”

March 25-26, 2018 – Harborwalk Marina

Our original plan was to stay here until Monday, March 26th but as we watched the weather and the high tide at the upcoming McClellanville area (four mile stretch of very shallow water), we decided to stay an extra day here in Georgetown and… Continue Reading “March 25-26, 2018 – Harborwalk Marina”

March 23, 2018 – Wacca Wache Marina

This morning it’s a bit cool (38 degrees) but I walk Frankie and it doesn’t really feel that cold. Anyway after walking Frankie, we both decide we should take showers, so Tracy loves the hot water aboard Kailani so she gets ready for a… Continue Reading “March 23, 2018 – Wacca Wache Marina”

March 22, 2018 – South Carolina Happy-Happy Marina

With small craft warnings and fairly strong winds, we stayed tied up at Ocean Isle Marina yesterday and planned for a 9:30 am departure today. After the fiasco with departing without a confirming reservation at our planned destination, we made sure yesterday that we… Continue Reading “March 22, 2018 – South Carolina Happy-Happy Marina”

March 20, 2018 – South Carolina Oops, still North Carolina

We’re both awakened around 4-5 am with thunderstorms all around us, but they are short lived and by the time I get up to my freshly brewed coffee at 6:30 am the rain, thunder and lightning are all gone and the sun looks like… Continue Reading “March 20, 2018 – South Carolina Oops, still North Carolina”

March 17-19, 2018 – Southport Marina-Head Case

So now we know the repair schedule. Steve Wallace won’t be back with a service technician until Monday morning, when we should have a completely functioning head. That means we’ve basically got the entire weekend to ourselves to enjoy Southport and the hospitality. On… Continue Reading “March 17-19, 2018 – Southport Marina-Head Case”

March16, 2018 – Southport

Southport Marina is a short twelve and one half nautical mile trip thru Snow’s Cut into and down the Cape Fear River. Close to the end of the river there’s a cutoff to starboard back onto the Intracoastal Waterway and Southport Marina is right… Continue Reading “March16, 2018 – Southport”

March 9-16, 2018 – Joyner Marina

 Joyner Marina has a nice deal for weekly rates at $7.00 per foot so we decide to spend a week here, based somewhat on the proximity to the beach. The guys here are very friendly between JW, Taylor, Denis and Brad. Also there are… Continue Reading “March 9-16, 2018 – Joyner Marina”