February 28th- The Day of the Dolphins

A day to remember!  We were cruising Adam’s Creek, NC. when we were joined by bottlenose dolphins.  Not just a few of them, a crew of them!  -tc

Teaser: Dolphin to the left of us


Movie Act One: Dolphin all around us.

Nick spotted more dolphin and I ran to the bow to try and get some unobstructed camera shots or videos if I was really lucky.  He was up on the bridge, behind the Makrolon windows, yelling to me to “Look there!  Look there!  Oh, look over there!” I am glad he got video of what he saw because I could not hear him and anyway, I was too busy doing my own thing (which he could not see from above).



Movie: Acts Two and Three- Dolphin right below us.

These Dolphin were “riding the bow wave” of the Kailani.  I do believe they are probably more intelligent than we are and that they love to play.  This might be akin to them “hanging ten” on a surfboard.  Again, Nick could not see them from his vantage point but I while I was filming there were ~ 10 of them weaving back and forth on both sides of the bow. (The shadow is me on the pulpit leaning over the railing filming them.)



And then they were gone.  The End.

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