March 7, 2018 – Wrightsville Beach Marina


IMG_20180307_084747105_HDRRains are gone this morning and the winds are not as high as forecasted, so this morning is a pleasant surprise as the sun eventually dries up all the roads and sidewalks. Today we plan to walk 1.5 miles to the beach and back, so it’s important to start with a good breakfast. So after we take Frankie for his morning walk, I whip up some French toast and sausage links. Frankie likes it when I make French toast because after I’m done soaking the bread in the French toast mix, I take whatever’s left and make a small omelet for him to add to his morning bowl of food. Somehow he always knows it’s coming so he does his anticipatory counter-clockwise ADHD dance.

Our first palm tree  -tc


EFB1A351-EA8E-43E8-9195-4D8876AFCFA1We may not be the biggest boat in the marina but we are not the smallest.  Nick took this photo from a higher vantage point. -tc

I look at Google Maps for the route to the beach and notice we’re going right past a US Post Office, so I write the check to Oriental Harbor Marina for the extra electricity used and we also write up postcards for the grandkids and mail them off. The walk is actually one straight shot down Causeway Drive, and sidewalks all the way. All we have to do is keep Frankie away from all the other dogs also getting walked along the way to the beach.  One straight shot, yes, but 200 miles away at least!-  tc

The ocean and the beach are somewhat cool but there are a surprisingly large amount of sun-worshippers and surfers for this 55 degree day.   Frankie spent most of the time at the beach digging at his own shadow.  He is obsessed. The spots in the water are not shark/dolphin… they are wetsuit clad surfers.  Waaaay to cold for my taste although the young men mentioned below invited Nick to join them.  He declined. -tc    We end up talking with a group of teenagers from Montreal who just decided to come down to North Carolina for spring break and they’ve been surfing most of the day but we catch them on a break from their boards and chat a bit with them about the college educations and career expectations. They are three very nice young gentlemen.

After leaving the beach and cleaning the sand out of our shoes (a job we haven’t done in quite some time), we notice a few restaurants bunched together like an outdoor food court type of arrangement. We chose the Kohl’s hot dog and burger joint and they cook up our order while we wait outdoors at a table for them to bring out our food. Tracy has a burger and I have a hot dog. Frankie ends up with a few of my fries that I chop into small pieces for him to enjoy.

Now we have to make the same 1.5 mile (200 mile) walk back to the marina. It ends up taking longer as both Tracy and Frankie are slowing down a bit (a BIT???).  But eventually we make it back to Kailani.

62E4AA27-79DB-4BEC-AEA9-4EF2A8746942Three of these military boats came by, we have no idea why but it was interesting and a bit disconcerting.  -tc  

It’s a bit to commercial here for our tastes so we’ve decided to move tomorrow. We open up the guidebooks, on-line resources and after checking out a few marinas that suit our criteria, we decide on Joyner Marina in Carolina Beach.  I call them and we get a confirmation for a slip from tomorrow thru next Wednesday. This will give us plenty of time to enjoy our last few days in North Carolina before entering South Carolina later next week. We plan to do some dinghy exploring, we’ll also be much closer to the beach, and this marina also has bikes, so we’ll be able to venture out a bit farther with wheels.

Tonight, we decide to order pizza, a rare commodity lately on this voyage, so it will be a special treat for us. After a delicious meat lover’s pizza from Spicoli’s Pizza we settle into some reading and internet browsing, then off to bed before another cruise day tomorrow.

One Comment on “March 7, 2018 – Wrightsville Beach Marina

  1. Looks so nice and…. warm? I’m jealous….. not a drop of snow in sight ……..


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