March 8, 2018 – Carolina Beach

56b37373-0acf-4493-9fc1-792585f262e3.jpegWe’re cruising to Carolina Beach today. This will be an 11 mile cruise without any shoaling issues or bridges to open, so we should have a nice leisurely one and one half hour cruise down the ICW on this nice weather day. First, I must walk Frankie for his morning commute, then we decide to check out the Causeway Café for a nice breakfast prior to departing. We’ve been here for two days and they are the two days a week that the Causeway Café is closed, so we wanted to get a taste of this highly recommended breakfast and lunch eatery. The reviews say that on weekends, there’s usually an hour wait and you must put in your name then wait. What’s neat about this place is the owner puts out complimentary coffee outside while customers wait for their table. Today we walk right in and get a table without a wait. The waitress is by with menus and coffee and after ordering, our food is at the table in about five minutes. This place rocks! They only take cash or checks, no debit or credit cards, so after we pay, we’re headed back to our marina to prepare Kailani for the short cruise to Carolina Beach. Our strategy here is simply to get to another marina with less expensive rates to go easy on our budget. Wrightsville Beach Marina is $2/foot plus $10 per day for electricity and Joyner Marina is $1.50/foot with a special $7/foot weekly rate and electricity is included in the rate. So we’re going to book a week there and explore the Carolina Beach area.

Winds today are out of the north/northwest at a calm 6-8 knots and seas are nearly flat so at 12:15pm Tracy is untying the docklines and we’re blowing the horn once again. We’ve been facing north for our preferred starboard tie up so we turn Kailani about and head south. The trip should actually take 1 hour and 15 minutes by navigation, but there are a few no wake zones to honor, so we actually pull into Joyner Marina after 1 hour and 20 minutes on the water. We had called JW on the radio and he met us on our dock along with Taylor and another boater that was on hand. By the time I had completed my log info at the helm and walked down to meet them, Tracy and they had Kailani completely tied up with power cords connected also. Only thing left for me was to help make the city water connection.

After checking all the lines and connections, I walked over to the office to complete the paperwork. JW gave me some local info on restaurants, nightlife and shopping. I also got some local fishing intel since Tracy would be looking forward to getting some bait wet during our weeklong stay here. Once back at the dock I took the opportunity to give Kailani a fresh water wash and she appreciated it.

The little black dots in the water are surfers…not sharks.  -tc   The sun was shining but the air was a bit cool, so we donned sweatshirts and Tracy and I walked to the beach to scope out the conditions for bringing Frankie with us the next day. Since its still winter, pets are still allowed on the beach as long as they’re leashed, but come April 1st, pets are not allowed. The walk form Joyner Marina to the ocean is much shorter than the walk up in Wrightsville, so we’re walking on the sand in short order and after scoping out the area, we decide that Frankie will do fine here when we come back with him. IMG_20180313_222452This area of North Carolina beach allows automobiles during certain times and there’s also about a two mile run north on the beach by vehicle to get to a remote area for beach camping! We had actually seen that area as we were cruising south earlier today. Even with the automobiles, Frankie will do fine, so we look forward to bringing him back here as often as possible while we’re here in Carolina Beach.

Back aboard Kailani, Tracy whips up some nice pork chops and after a delicious dinner, we settle in for some reading and internet surfing. Life’s good aboard Kailani.

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