March 23, 2018 – Wacca Wache Marina

This morning it’s a bit cool (38 degrees) but I walk Frankie and it doesn’t really feel that cold. Anyway after walking Frankie, we both decide we should take showers, so Tracy loves the hot water aboard Kailani so she gets ready for a shower in the master head while I get my things together for taking a shower at the marina facilities. As soon as I hear the water running for Tracy’s shower, she comes out and opens the electrical circuit panel to turn on the how water heater. I guess when we powered up the boat yesterday, I forgot to turn on the hot water heater (I usually turn it off when we’re cruising). So her shower was going to have to wait a few minutes for the heater to do its thing. 80A26AA3-7FAA-45CF-A286-99CCC034BB5BMeantime I headed up to the marina showers with the card key to enter the facilities. When I walked into the lavatory I was stunned at the shower facility. It looked like it should have been in the luxury suite of a Hilton resort! Needless to say, I’m very impressed.

Tom and Brenda Lahey are the Harbor Hosts for this marina and they are also the friends of Geoff Gow that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. They said they would drop by to meet us around 10 am. And sure enough, they came walking down the dock on time.

We introduced ourselves all around and immediately started to share common stories of spending time on a boat with Geoff as your Training Captain. No surprise the stories all fell into the category of the adventures of food shopping with Geoff. Funny, we both had stories of being boarded by the United States Coast Guard for safety inspections while Geoff was on board our respective boats. Hmm, maybe he knows something that we don’t?? Anyway, Tom and Brenda got a tour of Kailani by Tracy then we went over to their 42-foot Beneteau Swift Trawler, ‘Kissed Some Frogs’ for a tour. Then Tom and Brenda graciously offered to drive us to the local grocery store for goods. We asked if there was a local WalMart SuperCenter because we had some personal items to shop for also and we could accomplish all with one stop. So off we went and continued to learn more about each other’s careers and lives. We’re all from New England with Tom and Brenda moving to Murrells Inlet from New Hampshire. So there was a lot in common including Tom’s interest in hiking, particularly the Appalachian Trail.

After a successful shopping spree at the ‘Mart’ we got everything back to Kailani, refrigerated the cold foods and walked up to the restaurant “Deck 383” where we had a nice lunch together before we said our goodbye’s to Tom and Brenda. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves once again with an AGLCA Harbor Host(s) and will continue to use this resource as we cruise the waters of the Great Loop.

The afternoon was planning for tomorrow’s cruise and we selected a marina in Georgetown that the Lahey’s had recommended and called for a reservation. Once we were confirmed at Harborwalk Marina we could relax for the rest of the day.

20180319_190633Another picturesque sunset greeted us and the Waccamaw River was flat calm again. Tomorrow, we’ll take a leisurely cruise down the river to Georgetown and our next adventure.

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