March 24, 2018 – Georgetown

20160524-carolina-gold-rice-vicky-wasik-4We make a plan to leave today and cruise a leisurely twenty-one miles down the Waccamaw River to Georgetown where we have a reservation at Harborwalk Marina in downtown. Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina and is the county seat for Georgetown County. Georgetown County produced more than half the world’s production of rice for two centuries before the production died out shortly after the turn of the twentieth century and the abolishment of slavery.

We have calm water and negligible winds with a helping current, so at 11:00 am Tracy backs Kailani out of the dock and turns southward towards Georgetown. The Waccamaw River is a great river for navigating because the depth is consistently deep right up to the cypress trees growing right out of the banks. In fact at one point, we see over forty feet of depth in the river. The boat traffic is light at first with just a few bass boats scooting by near Wacca Wache Marina, but as we continue downriver, we start to see some other large cruisers and they are mostly heading north. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a southbound vessel.

At the end of the Waccamaw River, we merge with the Great Pee Dee River just after going under the Ocean Highway (Route 17) Bridge once we are merged with the Great Pee Dee River, we can see the cut-off for the Sampit River and the buildings of Georgetown to our starboard. Tracy navigates Kailani into the Sampit River channel and up to the fuel dock at Harborwalk Marina. First thing we want to do is get a pumpout before we dock at our slip. Larry and Chris meet us at the dock for the pumpout and the aft holding tank that was repaired by Zimmerman Marine works flawlessly and both tanks are flushed out properly. Now we can proceed to Kailani’s slip for the next two days. Larry and Chris walk over to our designated slip and receive our lines, assist with the tie-up and connect the shore power and water for us. Every marina we’ve pulled into since we left Connecticut has been spectacular with docking help save Atlantic City where we pulled in after hours.

It’s 12:50 pm, the cruise was a total of one hour and fifty minutes and we have the entire afternoon and evening to relax, explore and familiarize ourselves with Georgetown. Our plan is to stay two nights and leave on Monday heading towards Isle of Palms. We are within 180 miles of Savannah, so we have thirteen days to squeeze in four cruising days. It’s nice to not be pressured to move unless we are certain we have good weather.

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