March 28, 2018 – Isle of Palms

I start my day at 5 am with coffee and early morning preparations for a scheduled 7 am departure. Just before getting out of bed I hear a boat motor, so I look out my window and see a fishing boat leaving Jeremy Creek at 4:50 am! So I guess we won’t be the first ones to depart this morning. Anyway, Frankie gets his walk, albeit an abbreviated one because the dock master is in already and he has two dogs, so Frankie (being the non-socialite that he is), starts barking and forgets to do his business. I must get him back on track and I walk him around a corner where the other dogs are out of sight and he goes into his morning squat.

Back on board Tracy is now up and cooking a bacon and egg breakfast. We sit down for this meal and then prepare Kailani for departure. High tide is at 6:41 am and sunrise is 7:08 am so we’re trying to meld the two into one safe and appropriate departure time. Ultimately, we pull away from the dock at 7:10 am, successful in staying within our plan. What I was not successful staying within was my own water! As I was turning Kailani off the dock, I cut it too thin and knocked Leland’s grill cover off his grill, which was bolted to the stern rail on his boat. Thankfully the lid had a chain so when Leland came out to check it out, there was the lid hanging from the side of Tiki Queen.  Hummmm…actually we also knocked one of our sides railing right out of its setting.  It was a big bang!  Amazingly little damage in reality though and  Leland did not seem to be overly upset…although we did wake him up when we hit his boat.  -tc      Leland offered us a safe voyage, we acknowledged and apologized for the lid and thanked him for his hospitality and agreed that we would see each other again on the way north.

In five short minutes we were out of Jeremy Creek and back on the ICW heading south thru the McClellanville Shallows!Nick at rocks

While we were still tied up at the marina, I had noticed that when we checked in yesterday, we had to walk five feet up a flight of stairs to the marina office while this morning, the dock was dead even with the office. Now we know we’re cruising with five more feet of water than yesterday. And all five feet will be used before the day is over!

Since we’re only cruising 24 nautical miles, there’s no need for rushing since we have to watch for shallows and furthermore, the Isle of Palms Marina may not have a slip ready for us if we get there too early. So our top speed this morning is 800 rpm’s and 8 knots. We do hit some no wake zones and some shallow water where Kailani slows to 600 rpm’s and 4.5 knots.

House for sale…any takers????   -tcHouse for sale

This day is shaping up to be the ‘break in the weather ‘ day we’ve been waiting for. By the time we reach Isle of Palms, it should be in the 70’s and stay that way for the next week or more. Maybe the hooded sweater gets hung up for good after this morning!

There’s moderate traffic (and mostly going north again) and virtually no waves to deal with on this section of the ICW so Tracy decides to go on the deck and wash the dock lines. Over the last five months they’ve gotten some good workouts and they’re showing some weather. Tracy makes up some pine solvent solution and proceeds to soak the lines in the solution with a rope scrubbing brush. Everything is looking fine until we loose track of time and we’re very nearly at the Isle of Palms Marina and she’s only washed the lines, she hasn’t rinsed them yet. So as we pull up to the designated slip behind a DeFever 52, Tracy hands the wet slimy lines to Tyler on the dock and his hands are instantly pine scented wet!  Wet?  He was bubbly!  suds all up and down the line and covering his hands.  I definitely did nOT think that one through.  -tc   Luckily, he does not lose grip on any of the lines and soon we are safely secured to the dock. We have arrived at 10:50 am so we were slightly less than four hours on the water. Now we have a relaxing afternoon to spend before heading off tomorrow for an extended stay at St Johns Yacht Harbor in Charleston.

There’s a delicious aroma coming from the restaurant here but we decide to have a lunch on board and then enjoy a nice relaxing dinner at Morgan Creek Grill later tonight. After lunch, Tracy tests the water for fish (she still hasn’t found many) and I’m working on some paperwork when our dock neighbor pulls up and I go out to see if he needs any help with the lines. After he’s safely secured to the dock, we introduce ourselves and he is Tom Hale. Tom is an expert on cruising the ICW and in fact, last Friday and this Friday, he is the guest on Kim Russo’s Friday morning podcast on the AGLCA website discussing just that topic. It’s really nice that in spite of the area available to us for cruising and the variety of marinas, towns, seasons, etc. that we can still bump into people that we already know, or know about them by AGLCA of MTOA. It shapes up to be a small world after all.

One other very important thing we do today is the following:

605E4211-ED44-489C-994D-3C0A47B9B351(Not a t-shirt picture obviously, it’s our burgee.  -tc)  Last year during the spring when we thought we would be on the loop in 2017, we had Kailani added to the AGLCA Fleet Shirt and ordered one each for ourselves, also we ordered the annual pass for the Erie Canal (there was no charge for this usually $100 pass in 2017) and the annual Parks Canada Locks and Mooring Pass (the locks fee was waived, but we had an expense for the mooring pass), then our fuel tank repairs were not completed in time for the 2017 season, so we delayed our loop. Well this year, the deadline for ordering 2018 Fleet shirts and getting the early bird discount on the Parks Canada passes is March 31st. We have discussed both these purchases (the Erie Canal fee is waived again this year) and decided that we sort of felt like as soon as we commit to them, something will go wrong with our plan and the loop will stay a dream, so we’ve held off as long as possible. Well today is take it or leave it day and we went positive on both and added Kailani to the 2018 Fleet Shirt, AND ordered the Parks Canada passes. No more excuses, this is the year!



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