April 2, 2018 – Beaufort, SC

 I wake up at 4:45 am to see dense fog advisories on the Weather Channel, which are supposed to last until sunrise. So I look outside and although everyone at home is getting an April snowstorm, apparently, we aren’t getting any weather, other than clear moonlit morning and relatively warm temperatures. So we can proceed with our planned departure. Of course, Frankie gets his morning walk and we agree to have bowls of cereal, then prep Kailani for departure.

I work the dock with the power and water while Tracy works the lines preparing them for on-board removal from the dock. We’ve really gotten proficient with this process with communication and experience playing large parts in the process. Therefore, with a planned departure right after the 7:09 am sunrise, we are in fact pulling away from the St Johns Yacht Harbor docks at 7:10 am, not bad huh?

There’s dew on all the windows, so we have to deal with that since we don’t have a defroster at the helm! Then while I’m cruising us out of the marina, Tracy is on the bow cleaning up the lines and fenders.

Sunrise and still the moon is up!   -tc

Our trip today has numerous navigation alerts to be aware of, but we have managed them by leaving with a rising tide and knowing that for this total seven hour cruise, the tide will be rising for the first five hours. Our only concern is an area at the entrance to Dawho Creek where two separate cruisers have posted a recommended track that is out of the buoys and takes you over what looks like land on electronic charts. This is the only alert that concerns me today, but we will get there at least thirty minutes before full high tide so we’ll have the most water possible when we get there. As we approach, we decide to stay in the marked channel and find no less than 11.7 feet of water. So that’s a huge relief to get thru there. The rest of the cruise is smooth water and we make excellent time to Port Royal Landing Marina docking after six hours and fifty five minutes.

Port Royal Landing Marina is another sponsor of AGLCA and we really like supporting the marinas that support our Association. As a bonus, they offer a twenty five cent per foot discount for AGLCA members and give you your third day free when staying ling term. So we will be here for four nights and only pay for three nights at the reduced rate. We call the marina on the VHF when we are passing the Beaufort Hospital and Michele the Dockmaster is on the dock waiting to grab our lines. The current is going with us (south) so we turn slightly past the dock and pull back up to the dock against the current for better control. Michele is blown away with how we landed Kailani on the dock   (NICK did it!!   Excellent!   -tc)   and tells us how pleasurable it is for her as opposed to the numerous times she watches boats come hard into the docks when it could easily be avoided.

After hooking up power and water, we walk up to the office to register for the week with Rion Salley, the General Manager. He is just as friendly as Michele and we’re quickly feeling like we made the right choice selecting Port Royal Landing Marina and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week here.

Dinner is a crock pot meal Tracy had cooking all day during the cruise and afterwards, I clean up the meal while Tracy defrosts some of her frozen bait off the stern. She catches four fish, all the same species, but not identified yet. We’ll keep looking tomorrow and maybe ask some locals to help identify the species. I make contact with John Whidden, one of my best friends from Connecticut who retired to Hilton Head Island and we’ll work out an afternoon this week to get together and have dinner with both couples. This is our last week before spending a week in Savannah with Nick, Dede, Natalie and Brianna and I think we’re going to enjoy this week very much.

One Comment on “April 2, 2018 – Beaufort, SC

  1. Glad to see you guys are having a nice trip. Enjoy the grandchildren and we hope to see you on your return trip. Brenda Lahey( Murrells Inlet)


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