April 3-5, 2018 – Port Royal Landing Marina


We’re staying at another marina that is an AGLCA sponsor and once again, we find that we can’t go wrong with AGLCA sponsored marinas. There’s just something extra when a marina looks forward to our type of travel and business. They have a real life sense of the needs and expectations of the long-term and full time live-aboards.

They are extremely friendly here and offer nice discounts for AGLCA cruisers, courtesy car, and complimentary nights for long-term stays. So we are staying four nights and we will only pay for three nights. The management is all family and even the hired staff feel like family to the customer. We’ve been helped by Rion the General Manager, Michele, the Dockmaster and Adam, the fish expert extraordinaire.

While here we’ve been neighbors to a very nice sailing couple from Ohio and on Tuesday, a Mainship 400 pulls in and we meet Terry and Joanne, a Looper couple from Coeymans Ferry, NY. They have completed 4,000 miles and only have the trip north left to complete their loop. Terry and I spend hours discussing upstate New York breweries like FX Matts and Genesee Brewery as we have years of experience from our days in college in Utica, NY. Terry is a great reference for hints about the loop and we will look forward to putting them to use as needed.

With everything so beautiful here, Frankie is the only one that’s put out a bit because his walks in the morning are so long before he can get to grass where he can do his business. Also, there are other dogs here and he is still not very friendly with other animals. He spent so much of his life alone including since we got him last year. Living on a boat doesn’t give him lots of opportunities to socially interact with other canines, but we’ll get there eventually.

D881769C-F5F2-4ED5-8420-A6C22554D19DOn Tuesday, I made contact with John Whidden. John moved to Hilton Head Island with Linda about three years ago and I only get a chance to see him when he comes back to CT around the Christmas holiday (once a year). So he’s literally right around the corner from us and we agree to meet for dinner on Thursday evening.

On Wednesday, we borrow the marina courtesy car for a trip to WalMart, but first, we stop for lunch at Sargeant White’s Bar-B-Que. Sargeant White’s is run by a former Marine Sargeant and the food is all prepared, you just walk in and tell the chef which meat you want, pick out two sides and your plate of food is handed to you on a tray along with corn bread and a beverage. The interior motif is war bunker style including overhead netting to complete the decoration. This is simple, but great eating for a sensible price. Adjacent to Sargeant White’s is the Gullah Geechee Nation museum and information center, so we visit there and the attendant is very appreciative of our visit and we spend a good hour talking with her about their culture, traditions and heritage. She was very informed and happy to share her knowledge.

WalMart was a new personal record. We got two bags of goods and the bill was $172.00! Are you kidding me? I even got the cashier to question if there was a mistake. I didn’t think it was possible to fit $172.00 worth of WalMart purchases into two regular bags. We had to replace the ink in our on-board printer, so admittedly, that alone was three very small items that totaled nearly $75. We had to print out some documents in order to complete our package to our accountant since the deadline for filing is fast approaching.

Thursday, we got together with John and Linda Whidden as arranged. They arrived around 3:30 pm and we showed them Kailani. John is an accomplished sailor and has even taken some sailboats up and down the eastern shore and he was impressed with the space inside Kailani as compared to a sailing vessel. We looked at some restaurant options and decided to go over the bridge and have dinner at Lady’s Island Dockside Restaurant. They don’t take reservations, so we decided to just drive over and check out the crowd. As we pulled in the parking lot looked overfilled with additional cars looking for spaces, but we let Tracy and Linda get out and find out about the wait, then as we drive away a space appeared right in front of John, so we parked and as we walked back towards the front entrance, Linda was motioning for us to come right in as they had gotten us a table right away. The food was delicious and afterwards is digested even better when John picked up the check! Food always tastes better when friends pay. On the way back to Port Royal Landing Marina, John and I made plans to meet up next weekend for a round of golf. So on our way back up north, we’ll stop here again and John & I will tee it up. Alas, I’ll probably have to pick up that check, ha ha.

We’ve been travelling south since early November last year and we have one more southerly cruise to complete before we start heading back north. For the last month we’ve only passed cruisers going the opposite direction to us as we’ve been the only vessel travelling south at this time of year. But after we spend a week in Savannah, we’ll be able to join the fleet of vessels cruising north and that will be the start of our great loop adventure.

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