Week 5 – May 13-May 19, 2018 161 Nautical miles this week 858 Nautical miles to date


Sunday:         Today we plan to complete the Chesapeake Bay and arrive at Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor. We have made arrangements and as long as we can get there, there’s dock space for us. The weather is not the best but we should have a six hour window for a four hour cruise. We start out and it’s overcast, but the rains stopped around 6am this morning. Visibility is reduced but still acceptable for cruising. We leave the docks of Rock Hall Landing Marina at 8:35am and head out into the Chesapeake Bay. The first two hours are very nice under the circumstances, but then the weather kicks up and we’re suddenly cruising in 15 knot winds, 2 foot seas and fighting a head current. Kailani has slowed from 8.7 knots to 7.2 knots but we continue. Soon the weather turns for the better and although it stays cloudy and cool, the seas die down, the wind slows considerably and the current ebbs a bit also. At last we enter the Bohemia River and its shallow but navigable waters. Once we’re into the river the depths shrink to 7 feet and less all the way into Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor but we slow down to idle speed and make our way into the marina. By 1:40pm we’re safely tied up and power connected. During check-in we learn that there are two pizza delivery services so tonight we’re eating pizza.    Yaaaaaaaay!-  tc               

Monday:         We leave our tie-up at 8:30am but it’s only to turn around and go back into the marina for fuel and a pump-out. I fill the tanks with diesel while Tracy empties the holding tanks and at 9:30am we’re heading out the Bohemia River towards the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Sea conditions are forecasted to be favorable with winds less than 10 knots and seas very calm. Tomorrow might actually be an issue but we’ll just have to wait and see. When we hit the Delaware River and turn south towards Greenwich, we’re suddenly travelling over 11 knots per hour!

What a push, and we’re making great time. That all ends when we cruise up the Cohansey River and we’re getting hit in the bow and now we’re moving at less than 6 knots per hour. Oh well, that’s how mother nature reminds you that she’s in charge. Since the current is coming out of the river and we will be using a face dock for tie-up, we’re forced to come into Hancock Harbor with our port side to the dock.  IMG_20180520_151503340_HDRThey don’t have water or electricity, but with some severe weather forecasted for our area, we’re thankful to be tied up even without water and electricity.This marina is a working boatyard with some recreational boats and


“Mork’s Spaceship” on land and mostly fishing vessels in the water on the docks. In the afternoon, the new Harbor Host, Don Johnson (no not that one), came down to say hello after work. He’s a typical AGLCA harbor host and was willing to do anything we needed. I told him we’re all set and we just sat around and chatted about the loop for at least an hour.

We spent the evening planning for the early morning cruise to Cape May.

Tuesday:         We set up for a 7am departure and the fishing boats are already gone or getting ready to depart also. We have a current coming up river so after pulling away at 7:15am it’s a slow go for the bendy run out of the Cohansey River. Once in the Delaware River we meet up with some commercial traffic and also a few large motor yachts as we join the channel for about ten miles, then dart off to the southeast towards Cape May canal right after passing Miah Muall Shoal Light. Once we’re going straight towards the canal we get a current push up to 9.6 knots and we pick up some time on the trip. By 12:05pm were all secure in slip 13 at Utsch’s Marina and find ourselves in the midst of a mini rendezvous as there are at least six loopers docked here all watching the weather for the next leg. Right next to us is John and Sheena Sizemore aboard Next Act. We met them in Solomons Island Yacht Club. We walk over to Lucky Bones Restaurant for dinner and just beat the rains walking back to Kailani. We had heard that there was terrible weather in CT today including a possible tornado touching down in Simsbury. After the storm passed through there was a lot of destruction but all our relatives and friends were okay.

Wednesday:         We officially decide to stay another day here as winds and swells are forecasted to be ugly going north, so we get some laundry done along with some other chores aboard Kailani. The fact that we could rent a car and be home in four hours makes the anticipation of getting back to CT very strong. I guess this is what it will feel like as we approach the end of the adventure next year, so this is sort of like a warm-up to that.

In the afternoon, we experience our first docktails. With so many Loopers in the marina, Alan and Sherry Johnson aboard Sea Jamm invite everyone over for some camaraderie. 78DBF2AD-A563-43F7-9BAA-94E9A0FACFE4John and Sheena of Next Act are there also and the Cape May Harbor Hosts, Bruce and Buffi Miller will attend also. The Millers own Fish Cakes restaurant and one of Buffi’s specialties is home made donuts, so when they show up they have five boxes of hot, fresh donuts for us to enjoy. Bruce is very familiar with the NJICW so we all get some valuable feedback from him about travelling the ICW in New Jersey.

After docktails we return to Kailani and weather looks okay for tomorrow, so we plan for a cruise to Atlantic City. Our only decision will be to try outside, or try the lower New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway. Based on Bruce’s input, we decide the lower portion from Cape May to Atlantic City is doable based on high tide. The strategy is to depart 2.5 hours before high and travel for 2.5 hours after high. That shouldn’t be an issue for us as the cruise is only 38 miles so we should be able to make Atlantic City within that five hour window.

Thursday:         High tide in Cape May this morning is 10:15 am so Tracy takes us off the docks at 7:45am. John and Sheena are on the dock to help us with lines and we’re off to cruise the lower New Jersey ICW. There are numerous spots on the charts that show depths of 2-3 feet, but that’s at mean low tide and we have a 4-5 foot edge based on our departure time. Now that’s easy to reconcile in my head, but each area that showed those low depths, we had to take very slowly and coupled with the numerous no wake zones, we must have done 80% of the cruise under idle. Yes it was beautifully picturesque, but seven hours long! Along the way, we are able to look out into the open ocean wile passing Great Egg Harbor and the ocean conditions immediately confirm that we made the best decision travelling the ICW today. Waves and winds were ferocious. We were docked and secured by 3:00pm and hungry for the Golden Nugget dinner buffet. Tracy took a quick catnap and we planned for a 6:30pm dinner.

While Tracy was napping, Luc and Sylvie from Lil Hide Away, our friends from Canada knocked on our boat and we chatted for a while. They have been here since leaving Utsch’s on Tuesday. We make arrangements for meeting at the buffet later on. Also, before turning in for the evening we learn that Kim and Dave will be driving right by Atlantic City tomorrow morning so they will stop for a visit. They are driving to Maryland where they have rented a cottage and they’re taking the Cape May Ferry over the Delaware River. Since we’ve already decided to stay put for another day or two based on weather, this visit will be fun.

Friday:         It’s another cold and dreary day today and we’re seriously thinking about turning on the heat! Oh well, we must be getting close to home. We let the marina office know we’ll be sticking around for another day and go in to meet Kim and Dave for the breakfast buffet. After breakfast, Tracy and Kim can not pass the slot machines without trying their luck. Tracy drops most of her $5 and Kim ends up $15 ahead. Back onboard Kailani we say our goodbyes and they’re off to the Cape May Ferry for what should be a fairly bouncy ride across the Delaware River. We spend the rest of the day watching the forecasts and primarily vegging

Saturday:                  Our Canadian friends make a run for it today, but for us, its still cold, dreary, rainy and we don’t like the winds so we’re probably going to be here for the rest of the weekend, then cruise north towards Staten Island on Monday.        

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