Week 16 – July 29-Aug 4, 2018,  No Nautical miles this week, 1655 Nautical miles to date 

This week is filled with helping Nick convalesce, get to doctor’s appointments and watch Nick while Dede takes the girls to see The Lion King at the Bushnell Theater. That gets us to Thursday and decision time for staying home to continue assisting with Nick’s recovery or return to Kailani and resume cruising the Great Loop. We’ve had a spectacular two weeks here with both families as we spent lots of time with Vic, Stephanie, Damian, Blaine, Tara and Charlee also, so it all makes leaving harder.

Nick- Day 1 and Day 12

Once Thursday evening rolls around, we are still struggling with a decision and are literally sitting on the fence because we can make the argument either way as the right thing to do. But with some solid soul searching and feedback from loved ones, we make the decision to return to Canada and resume looping.

Friday is the day to drive back. We start early loading the rental car with items we want to have with us aboard Kailani and leave home about 8:30am to stop over to Nick’s house to check on him one more time, then it’s off for the nine hour drive back to Buckhorn Yacht Harbour and a repaired Kailani. We take our time this trip with frequent stops for leg stretches and dog walks, so it takes us nine and a half hours to get back, but at 6:30pm we’re back aboard Kailani and it’s good to be home. I’ll talk with Peter Fuderer tomorrow and pay him for the repair work, but for now, we need to do some big time cleaning of the salon. See when we got the call that Sunday about Nick, we dropped everything we were doing and left as fast as we could, so we came back to dirty dishes and cooking pans left out for nearly two weeks!  We left the breakfast eggs on the plates in our hurry to get home.  -tc    Gnats, bugs, flies, etc were roaming the salon and we needed to get rid of them so we could sleep comfortably. We found the best use of our central vacuum system and shortly we had most of the flying insects sucked up, not all, but most. At least we can climb into bed without getting freaked out.

Saturday, we must pay our bill, re-provision the boat and return the rental car to Peterborough before 2pm. So I get an early start with walking Frankie and my usual three cups of coffee. Then I walk over to Pete’s office to square up with him and he’s on his boat getting ready to cruise for the weekend. This is the August Long Weekend holiday up here so lots of people (not marinas though) get Monday off. So Pete is taking his wife down to Lakefield Marina for some R & R. We go back into the office and he presents me with the entire invoice for the repairs. Suffice to say, I am already extremely pleased with the work, and the expediting of the repairs, and the invoice doesn’t disappoint either. I explain to Pete that in my opinion, he’s missing a few items on the invoice and he just replies that in our case with the accident and family issues to deal with, he’s not going to charge me for some of the items he has every right including on the invoice. He’s just way over the top fair with me, but I get the sense that he’s that way with every customer and that’s a large reason why this operation has a tremendous reputation including Kawartha Propellers which is run by Pete’s brother John.

After squaring up with Pete, Tracy and I go out for breakfast and food shopping at the local FoodLand and return with the goods to fill our shelves and refrigerator.

On the road back to the marina is the Adam and Eve Rocks which are two rocks placed in that spot by glacial movement eons ago and the legend is that is two people hold hands and each touches one of the rocks all at the same time, the couple’s lives will be blessed. I guess we qualify! After the outcome of Nick’s accident, we are already truly blessed beyond thought. 

Now I must get the car returned to Peterborough and last evening, one of the boaters that we had met before returning to CT, was there and he immediately offered to drive his truck to Peterborough and bring me back whenever I needed the ride, so after unpacking the groceries, I went looking for Paul Dean and he was ready to go so we left the marina at 11am and I had the rental car back to Enterprise in plenty of time before they closed for the holiday weekend. Then Paul drive me back to the marina and would not take anything for his troubles. Truly another example of boaters helping boaters! 

The rest of the day is spent making sure Kailani will be ready for departure tomorrow so we can get back to cruising America’s Great Loop.

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